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  • No car knowledge, no experience required.

Yellow Hat may give off an image that says you need to have car knowledge to work here, but that isn't true. Many staff members don't know anything about cars when they begin. Our workers (including homemakers and foreign students) started working here for various reasons. These reasons include a desire to work close to home, to be able to commute by car, to be able to learn new skills, and to be able to work short term. We provide full training support so even those without experience can work with confidence!

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Checkout counter staff

Checkout counter staff

Handle cash register checkouts and related tasks for customers purchasing products. No cash register experience or car knowledge is necessary.

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Customer sales staff

Customer sales staff

Introduce and sell car products to customers with the help of experienced personnel - even if you aren't familiar with cars. You're especially welcome if you like making people smile.

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Garage and car wash assistance

Garage and car wash assistance

Help the garage staff by handling light tasks like changing tires, changing oil and washing cars. There's no need to know anything about cars. You can gain skills and knowledge about tools, inspections and more while you work.

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Garage staff (Car maintenance)

Garage staff (Car maintenance)

Handle tasks in the garage like tire and oil changes. Senior staff members ensure success even if you don't know anything about cars.

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What documents do foreigners need to apply?

- Passport
- Residence card
- Visa status that allows work

Is the interview conducted in Japanese?

Yes. Your Japanese must be good enough to communicate with customers and colleagues concerning work-related matters.

Do I need car knowledge?

Familiarity with cars is helpful but not required. Many of our checkout counter staff, salespeople and garage staff had little knowledge when they began. Various training is available to learn about our products.

I'm a homemaker without cash register or customer service experience. May I apply anyway?

Senior staff members will teach you step by step and provide an easy manual. So please apply with confidence. We look forward to hearing from you.

Can I work only while my child is at kindergarten?

Some stores allow short working hours. Please express your preferences at the interview.

Do employees wear uniforms?

Yes. Checkout counter staff and salespeople wear provided shirts and jackets. Garage staff members wear provided coveralls.

Are there staff appearance rules (hairstyle, etc.)?

Since you will be interacting with a multitude of customers, your appearance should not make the customers feel uncomfortable. Details will be explained at the interview.

How do you decide staff work days and hours?

We try to arrange work shifts to match employee preferences. Please tell us your preferred days and hours at the interview.

Do wages rise if you work hard and improve?

Wages may increase based on the company's evaluation. So try your best!

Can I commute by car?


Can I buy tires at a discount?

Yes. Employees receive a discount.

Could I work in the garage without mechanic qualifications?

Yes. You'll have to start with tasks that don't require qualifications, but we warmly welcome those interested in cars and car products.

Can I earn mechanic qualifications while working there?

Yes. Many staff members earn technician or inspector qualifications while working at Yellow Hat. Please tell your goals at the interview.

Would my mechanic qualification be helpful?

Yes. Since Yellow Hat offers car inspections and maintenance, we can immediately make use of anyone with such qualifications. Please apply even if there have been breaks in your career.

As a foreign student, what kind of work could I do?

It all depends on your preferences and Japanese proficiency. If your Japanese is weak, you can handle easy tasks like product replenishment, in-store cleaning and garage assistance.

Can I receive social insurance?

Yes. The type will depend on your work hours per week.

Can part-timers become full-timers?

Yes. Depending on your interests and performance assessments, full-time opportunities may arise.

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